DIY Knotweed Removal

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In order to avoid the huge expense of professional help why not do it yourself! It's EASY!!

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Option 1:

Option 1 is 99% effective with one application on knotweed. Occasionally a partial second application may be required. Product should be sprayed onto the leaves of the plant. The chemical will work its way down and kill the root. Surrounding grass and most plants will not be affected.

Price and Quantity

1L = £130.80 inc VAT + Postage


200ML in 5L of water


200-300 m2

Option 2:

Product B is a highly aggressive weedkiller that will kill everything. This should not be used near areas of water.

Price and quantity

1L = £115. 18 inc VAT + Postage

5L= £300 inc VAT + Postage


500ML in 5L of water


200-300 m2

Additional Products

Protective Gloves (S, M, L)


5L Pressure Sprayer


Safety Glasses


Disposable Boiler Suit